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A Taste of Fall

Woke up this morning to low humidity and the temp around 60.  It was wonderful and I even grabbed a cardigan because who knows what the a/c would be doing at work.  I love this time of year since all of the fall patterns start coming out.

It’s gotten me inspired to stop working on my patterns and work on some or the sweaters I have for myself.  Working on an Icelandic one at the moment.  My cat keeps trying to make a bed out of the body when I have it draped in my lap.  Which is cute for a few moments and then I have to work it out from under him, which makes him leave in a humph.  I have a feeling I’m going to have to store it somewhere special so it doesn’t get stolen.

On another note got the final version of a new pattern that should be out Friday.  Looking forward to it!